I remember the last time I saw you. I remember knowing that it was over but not really knowing why. I remember figuring it a few weeks later and feeling angry, then relieved, then extremely sad.

I remember breaking it off, but not saying goodbye. I don’t know if I did, I don’t know if I could have. Because you were better than anyone else I’ve ever known.

Maybe, one day we’ll see each other again and it’ll all work out.

Maybe, the tinge of sadness that I have carried for so long will finally be turned into joy.

Or maybe, I’ll just be torn up all over again.

Or maybe, I’ll find closure and finally be able to move on.

Maybe next time, I just won’t feel anything at all.



Sometimes, I am inspired to write poetry. Although I’m not sure I will keep this up on my blog, I’m just going to take a risk and post it. Maybe some of you will even relate?

Much love,



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  1. savbanav says:

    Wow… that’s really good! Keep up the great work!!

    Savannah xx

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