Retail Therapy – Mini Haul

Hi everyone!

Whenever I stop by the mall to pick up some necessities, I always end up wandering into other stores and buying things I don’t need. This time though, I don’t feel that bad because there were some amazing sales going on! Here are some of the sneaky purchases I’ve made in the past two weeks or so.

haul 1
Clinique exfoliator and moisturising travel set from Sephora. I’m loving both of these products, especially the scrub cream! Super gentle on the skin, but leaves my skin feeling very smooth as well.  $15. 
haul 2
TreSemme hair care set. I love their shampoo and conditioner, and thought I’d give the hairspray and the sea kelp spray (for a beachy waves look) a try. This was only $8.49, such a steal!
haul 3
Along with the Clinique set, I also picked up an eyebrow pencil from the FaceShop (s$2.50) for my mom and a frosted cranberry hand soap from bath and body work ($2). I LOVE the smell of the hand soap, it’s perfect for winter!
haul 4
Lastly, I picked up two scarves from H&M (around $10) and two relaxed fit t-shirts from Old Navy ($3.50 each). I also got 3 bras in the La Senza semi annual sale. They were only $8.99 or $12.99, so pick up some basics if you still can! 

I’m so happy with all my purchases, and the sale prices made them even better. Hope you are having a great start to the new year!



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