I’ve been pretty absent from my blog in the past month because life has just been so hectic. This isn’t a planned post, but I’m especially down because I just found out I wasn’t offered an internship for next year. I’ve been applying, interviewing, and applying some more for months only to have it fall through.

This post is just for me to write it down, as an physical act representative of leaving a negative feeling behind.

I hope your day is going a bit better than mine, but if not, chin up. You will make it through.



Some food for thought: What are some ways you deal with disappointment? I’d really like to know.


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  1. Sorry to hear you didn’t get your internship. It sounds like you tried really hard – but sometimes it’s just the luck of the draw, so try not to read too much into it.

    You could write them an email and ask for feedback – a lot of places are willing to do this and it can be really helpful. But instead of thinking about what you did wrong or what you should have said differently, try to focus on what you’re going to do next to make yourself a stronger candidate.

    As a Graphic Designer myself, if I miss out on an opportunity, I make sure I create a new project or learn a new skill for my portfolio ready for the next time I’m interviewed. Not only does it give me more to talk about, but it gives me confidence in feeling like I’m growing and therefore deserving of the role.

    If you step into an interview thinking you don’t deserve the job, an interviewer could pick up on that. So my advice is to focus on being the best “you” you can, so even if you’re turned down, you can come away knowing it was just bad luck.

    Getting an internship is not the be-all and end-all of employability – if you can prove you’re able to think for yourself and create opportunities for yourself – like volunteering, or being entrepreneurial, this can often be seen as equally valuable.

    Hope that helps. I’m just curious, what kind of internship was it?


    1. Thank you for the advice and the encouragement! I really appreciate it, and I’m definitely going to continue to look for opportunities.
      It was for internships at companies that do pharmaceutical research.


  2. Isabelle says:

    Sorry to hear that must be pretty disappointing


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