Day to Night Look Inspiration

Hi everyone,

Recently, I’ve been watching a lot of videos about capsule wardrobes, composed of sustainable, ethical, high quality and classic pieces. One of great things about having only around 30 pieces of clothing in your closet is that it forces you to be creative. Although I am not starting one, I’ve started to be more conscious of where I am buying my clothes from and how versatile a piece can be. It’s all about being to dress pieces up or down so that you are ready for any occasion, while loving the Earth and those who make our clothing.

A brand that I discovered during my research for my trip to Cambodia was Tonle. This brand has a zero-waste business model – remnant fabric (also known as factory scraps) are gathered and made in clothing. More importantly, the workers are treated fairly.

Another brand I have discovered recently is AUrate. All of their gorgeous jewellery pieces are made in New York with fair labour and the material are ethically sourced. And their prices are extremely reasonable for real gold!

Here are the two looks I put together. The first is for more of a semi-dressy office work environment and the second is for a night out at a restaurant with some friends!

day look
Dress: Tonle Nary Dress $68, Necklace: AUrate Rose Gold Bar Necklace $320, Bag: Calvin Klein M4rissa Large Tote $230, Shoes: Zaful V-shaped Pointed Ankle Boots $74
night look
Dress: Tonle Nary Dress $68, Necklace: AUrate Rose Gold Bar Necklace $320, Bracelet: AUrate Black Stones Bracelet $150, Bag: Southmoonunder Foldover Crossbody Purse $63, Shoes: Prettylittlething Sophie Suede Stiletto $18

Finding ethical and environmentally friendly brands is a work in progress for me, but I know there are many that are worth supporting. Let me know where you shop and any other recommendations for brands I should check out.

Until next time,

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